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LEGO Ideas: Jaws The Orca

The Orca

We are definitely going to need to build a larger boat.

Creator Diving Faces created the LEGO Ideas Project: Jaws The Orca by doing an amazing job of capturing the essence of the classic movie. 

The creator wanted to develop a set based on one of their favorite movies, Jaws, and the iconic boat where the third Act takes place.

The dimensions of the ship itself is not known, there is no denying the amount of detail in the ship. The bow of the boat will feature the yellow barrels used to slow down the shark, and the stern features various poles and other equipment useful in tracking the shark.

The following mini-figures of Martin Brody, Matt Hooper, and Quint will be featured, allowing you to play out various scenes. 

Here are a few images to get a better idea.

We absolutely love the design of the project. The creator did an amazing job bringing the Orca to life in the form of LEGOs. Every detail from the stern to the bow brings you back to the iconic movie. 

The only downside we see for this project is the size of the shark. There is something off putting about how small the shark looks when situated next to the Orca. 

If you are not interested in adding a larger shark like this Great White, I think pulling the shark from the set would be the right thing to do.

At the time of this article, the project had 2,637 supporters with 577 days left. Make sure to visit the LEGO Ideas page to show your support and help them reach the 10,000 mark. 

We are one who would be first in line to pick it up.

If it was approved, would you consider picking up the LEGO Ideas Project: Jaws The Orca?

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