LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet

Jazz Quartet

There is nothing like smooth jazz to soothe the soul.

Creator Hsinwei Chi created the LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet project and there is no denying the inspiration source. 

Normally we stick with LEGO Ideas projects that are still working toward the 10,000 mark. This time we wanted to try something different.

The project caught our attention because of how quick it reached the 10,000 market. It managed this feat in a few months.

The LEGO Ideas project will consist of four items. A grand piano, trumpet, double bass and jazz drum. There is no indication of the size of the set, but it seems to be around six to eight inches tall. 

Here are a few images of the set.

While the project seems simple on the surface, the longer you look at it, you see the complexity in it. Honestly it might even be one of those sets where at a distance, you may not even think it was created with LEGOs.

Hands down this is a LEGO set we would consider picking up. It would make the perfect gift for jazz fans.

Now we need to wait for Product Review by LEGO to see if they opt to produce it.

If they do, would you consider picking up the Jazz Quartet project?




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