LEGO Ideas: Jedi High Council Chamber

Relive the room where Jedi Masters met during the rule of the Galactic Republic.

We love finding new projects on LEGO Ideas and the most recent one is Jedi High Council Chamber.

The set was created by Lojaco and will allow you to recreate scenes from the second Star Wars trilogy (Episodes 1,2,& 3) where we see Anakin grow from an innocent boy into the Darth Vader.

Right now, the set does not include any mini-figures but seem to be moving forward with a transparent light blue mini-figure of the masters, like Yoda and Mace, to simulate holograms.


One thing we do really like about the Jedi High Council Chamber is how the set, with the sliding door mechanical operated, can be enriched with a LEGO Power Functions Light item to create glowing pushing buttons.

The LEGO Idea has received support from 8,342 followers and has 585 days to reach the easily attainable 10,000 mark.

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