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LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse

LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse

Motorized LEGO projects are a thing of beauty.

Creator Roses Must Build opted to take a unique path when they created the LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse and we are sure glad they did.

There were projects like , The Crossroads of the World, where we would have enjoyed seeing some kind of motorized mechanism, but it never transpired. We were curious to see what the creator had in store for us.

The project will stand at 18 1/2 inches and features cozy house, an arriving pier, and a working light. The motorized light works thanks to a Power Function battery box and an m motor. In case you did not want it motorized, they included a rotating lever to move it manually.

Here are a few more images of the lighthouse. If you head over to YouTube you can see it in action. The pictures do not do it justice. 

The creator mentioned their goal was to have the light and the movement be the focal point of the project. There is no doubt that they nailed it. There is no denying the impact the motorized lighthouse would have on your display table. 

The only thing we see missing is a mini-figure. We understand using the nano figure for scale to give it more of a presence, but it might limit how some LEGO fans may display it.

Either way, this is one project we can not wait to see on shelves and would consider picking it up. At the time of this article, the project had 4,508 supporters with 481 days left. Make sure to go show them so love.

Let us know what you think of the LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse project.

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