LEGO Ideas Oriental Adventure Box

Oriental Adventure Box

Not only is this project is impressive, it is easily portable.

Creator Homo Brickus took a chance with the creation of the LEGO Ideas Oriental Adventure Box and we think they nailed it.

Some of our more favorite projects from the past, like Ancient Chinese Temple or the Chinese Gardens. You could bet we would not pass up the chance on checking this one out. 

The box was designed base on an old sewing and will feature 7 branches on 4 floors with a base plate of 16 x 32 studs. The project roughly uses 1500 pieces were used. The creator designed it where each compartment has different elements that could be used to design your story. The project has plenty of room to store a dozen minifigures and even a dragon in the bottom.

Here are a few more images of the LEGO Ideas project. 

We love the idea with this LEGO Ideas project because not only is it in engaging set but it is so portable and modifiable. 

The creator did a great job with the addition of multiple minifigures to be able to create various scenes. One of the biggest misses is when a creator fails to give enough. Not this time. 

The only downside to this would be the lack being able to easily take the drawers apart. We might be missing it but it would be night to be able to set them into different layouts. 

At the time of this article, the project has 2,043 supporters with 571 days left. If you like it, go and show your support.

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