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LEGO Ideas: Red Dwarf Lego

Red Dwaef Lego

The fan favorite show from British television may be coming to a LEGO store near you.

The Red Dwarf Lego project was created by LegoBob32 to honor the comedy sci-fi series that made the return to television in 2015.

The show used science fiction as a backdrop and focused on the characters to drive the story forward about two characters trapped together in deep space.

The show has gained a cult following over the years so it only makes sense ideas like this might make it’s way over to the LEGO.

Based on what we have heard about it, we are definitely interested and will see about checking this one out.

But enough of what our plans are, here are basics of the set.

The set itself is based on several different places, like the Red Dwarf crews quarter and the Holly Hop Drive from various seasons.

The set will also include the following characters.

  • Dave Lister
  • Arnold Rimmer
  • CAT
  • Android named Krylen
  • Ace Rimmer
  • Daune Dibbley


Now for a few additional images of the potential LEGO building set.

Red Dwarf LegoRed Dwarf Lego










While the project is a small one, there is something to be said for simplicity. The real standout from this LEGO Ideas project is the number of mini-figures it would come with.

We have already given our support for the project and as of today, they have 6,903 supporters.

Let us know what you think of this Red Dwarf Lego project.

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