LEGO Ideas Retro Space Hero’s Spaceship

Retro Space Hero's Spaceship

Every space hero needs a spaceship and a space bike.

Creator Nuno_0937 created the LEGO Ideas project, Retro Space Hero’s Spaceship, that reminded him of the Classic Space LEGO set.

We have covered previous projects, like the Classic Space Set, but loved the thought of focusing on the the ship itself.

The following will be included in the LEGO ideas set.

The set will contain roughly 689 pieces, a Spaceship, a Space Bike, and a Retro Space Hero mini-figure.

The ship itself will have a landing gear, 360 degree laser guns, access ramp with ladder, and plasma engines.

Here are some more images of the Retro Space Hero’s Spaceship project.

At first glance we loved the aesthetics of the project. It fit the image of what we had in mind in terms of design and color scheme.

The functionality of the design may seem limited but we feel there is enough there between the cockpit set up and the space bike.

At the time of this article, the project has the 978 supporters with 200 days left. If you like this project, make sure to head over to the LEGO Ideas site and show your support.

Let us know if you like the LEGO Ideas Retro Space Hero’s Spaceship project and if you would pick it up.

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