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LEGO Ideas Ruined House

LEGO Ideas Ruined House

Even the worn down can still look amazing.

Creator kirteem created a the LEGO Ideas Ruined House project and we have to say it was love at first sight.

We covered other houses in the past, like the Gingerbread house or the Elf Cottage, but none really like this one. This one goes past the architecture by drawing you in with different features.  

The set was designed on two base plates (32 x 32 & 16 x 32) and will contain the following sections. 

  • Front entrance (featuring a large broken tree, other vegetation, and broken garden tools.)
  • A backyard (featuring a collapsed wall, a wooden bench, and a brown toad.)
  • A ground floor (featuring a broken sink, cupboard, gas stove, and fireplace.)
  • A first floor (featuring a distressed chair, dresser, and some roof tiles or glass.)
  • A gable roof (featuring gaping holes and somewhat stable chimney.) 

Here are a few images of the Ruined House to give you a better idea.

What really impressed us is how detailed the ruined house looks. Whether it is the cracked cabinets or the plaster falling off the bricks. There is no denying what you are looking at it when you see the LEGO set. 

Initially we thought the loss of any mini-figures would be detrimental. The long we thought about it the more we liked the premise behind it. the only kind of figure we could see added was something spooky and that is not needed. 

Overall, we think this is a perfect LEGO set that could be used in a multitude of settings or even by itself. 

At the time of the article, the LEGO Ideas project has 7,022 supporters with 733 days left.

Would you consider picking up the LEGO Ideas Ruined House project if it gets made by LEGO?

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