LEGO Ideas: Samurai Code

Samurai Code

The Way of the Warrior code for the Samurai warrior is brought to life with this LEGO project.

While doing our normal search through the various projects on LEGO Ideas, we stumbled across Samurai Code, which definitely stood out.

The project creator, FishingTwister, has created the ideal LEGO project to help bring to life a part of Japanese culture.

The set can be created to resemble an Ancient Shrine or Samurai Dojo and is filled extensive detail, inside and out, to bring it to life. The roof is detachable to create interior scenes. There is also a cherry blossom tree and a pair of decorative lanterns.

The Samurai Code set will feature the following minifigs; Female Samurai Master, Male Samurai Apprentice, Male Samurai Solider, and a Horse.

The entire set will consist of roughly 896 pieces.

Overall, we are impressed with this LEGO Ideas set. On the surface it seems simple, until you start to take a further look at the detail in the architecture. Here are a few images we selected to give you a better idea of the project.

Samurai CodeSamurai CodeSamurai CodeIf you like the Samurai Code project like we do, make sure to head over to the page to show your support.



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