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LEGO Ideas: Santa’s Cottage

Santa's Cottage

Some places it is always Christmas.

LEGO Ideas project, Santa’s Cottage, was created by Norton74 and is the perfect way to keep the Christmas spirit year round.

We have covered prior Christmas based projects, like Snowglobes, but we felt this one took a different direction which we will get into later.

Santa’s Cottage features a classic Xmas color scheme, an uncommon shape and an unconventional doors/windows style. The main feature is probably the asymmetrical roof with a very sloping shape and a woodshed is located under the excess roof.  Santa, who is coming home from a relaxing walk, has also a nice off-road vehicle painted with a color scheme matching with the cottage.  There is even more on the inside. 


What we liked about the project is it does not look like people think would be a cottage for Santa. At first glance, it could blend in with any winter themed environment. It is not until you take a look inside and see what it is all about.

We are really sold on the project thanks to all of the little details in place. It offers a relaxing homey feel.

Last but not least is the brilliant color scheme which brings it all together. 

If the project manages to hit the magical 10,000 supporters mark and goes into production, this is one we would consider picking up.

At the time of this article, the project had 8,536 supporters with 736 days left to reach their goals.

Would you consider picking up the LEGO Ideas project, Santa’s Cottage, if it meets the goals?

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