LEGO Ideas: Spaceballs Set

LEGO Spaceballs

May the Schwartz Be With You.

We were searching the LEGO Ideas site to see what new creations and we came across the Spaceballs set by Nvdfk.

To help celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Mel Brooks classic, Spaceballs, the creator decided to create one of the icon things from the movie.

The “Eagke 5” or better know as the Winnebago with wings. You will have the chance to create Captain Lone Star’s ship used to fight against the evil Dark Helmet.

In case things get dicey and you need to escape, the ship comes with secret hyper jets to help make a speedy getaway.

What would a LEGO set be without mini-figures?








Overall, we like what the creator did with this LEGO set. Not only did they stay true to the source material, but they went about it in a moderate way and did not go over board.

Make sure you give some support to the project so we can see it on a toy shelf near you. There are only 74 days left.

Do you think this LEGO Ideas for a Spaceballs set is worth saving or has it lost the luster?

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