LEGO Ideas: Spider-man Sewer Battle

Sewer Battle

Projects at LEGO Ideas come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes the better ones like this Spider-man set come in small packages.

The Spider-man Sewer Battle set was created by DaviddaCreator and centers around our favorite wall-crawler taking on some villains not featured in the Lego Universe.

There are some unique things we like about this set.

For starters, we like the size of it. Do not get us wrong. We do love the bigger LEGO sets but it is nice to work with a smaller one. Right now the estimated piece total is around 200-300.

Worried about lack of action? This set has it in the form of spring-loaded missiles, secret passageways, and launching catapults.

We feel this set could be the perfect addition to other Spider-man sets to make the world larger for your mini-figs.

Speaking of which, the Sewer Battle set is chocked full of characters.

  • Spider-man
  • Agent Venom
  • The Lizard
  • Squirrel-Girl
  • Hydro Man
  • Alligator


Here are a few images to wet your appetite or you can head over check it out at LEGO Ideas.

Sewer BattleSewer Battle










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