LEGO Ideas Spiral Hill

LEGO Ideas Spiral Hill

Sometimes a single scene from a movie is the perfect way to create a project.

Creator JuliusBadHead developed the LEGO Ideas Spiral Hill project to celebrate one of his favorite movies.

We are brought into the moment shared between Jack and Sally when they climb Spiral Hill. There are pumpkins, Zero the dog, spiderwebs and the moon, travel with me in a world of sorrow, like this great movie.

The aim of the iconic scene was to utilize the minifigure exhibitor that LEGO already produces. 

The creator picked the perfect scene from the movie, which helps make it a focal point in the display. 

While everything seems to be by the numbers, the part we like best is the backdrop by Jack and Sally. It adds more depth to the LEGO Idea project and gives it some pop. 

This is definitely a project we would like to add to our year round collection. Even better if you have other Nightmare Before Christmas sets.

Currently the LEGO Project has 3,024 supporters with 105 days left.

Would you consider picking up the LEGO Ideas Spiral Hill if it reaches the support level needed?

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