LEGO Ideas: Steam Castle

Steam Castle

We have seen a wide variety of LEGO Ideas projects and some of the most assuming ones are the most impressive.

This LEGO Ideas project, Steam Castle, was created by Vanocean117 and gives fans of the genre the chance to create a hub for steam travel in their LEGO world.

The Steam Castle is an airport terminal from the steam age. Airships can be docked at front or back berth, offering travelers several options.

The top tower is a lighthouse to ensure there is safe travel. The lower half contains the air traffic tower which is able to be rotated.

The set will also include five to six different Steampunk themed mini-figures. They did not list what type, but we could see a few travelers and a few who work as attendants.

Here are some more images of the Steam Castle project.

This LEGO Ideas project caught us by surprise in terms of its complexity in terms of design.

The mixture of different aesthetics gives the building a unique feel. The only downside we see to this project at the time is there is no ability to play inside the structure.

At the time of this review, the project has 356 supporters with 415 days left.

Let us know what your thoughts are on the LEGO Ideas Steam Castle project.

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