LEGO Ideas: Steampunk Explorers

No better explorers out there.

The LEGO Ideas Steampunk Explorers project created by Castor-Troy and Max Birch brings us into the world of Steampunk and exploration. 

We have covered previous Steampunk related projects in the past so we were definitely curious about this one.

The project consists of 3 buildings, a 2-in-1 observation machine (either a flying aircraft or a submarine), a hot-air balloon with a take-off station integrated into the central building, and 8 original figurines.
The whole model has 2950 parts.


We loved the concept behind the project. The design is solid and has an appealing color scheme. The layout makes sense and there is enough there to keep you interacting with it.

The inclusion of the hot air balloon as part of the doom was a smart move on the creators part. In addition, the setup is simple and allows easily playability and access for LEGO fans. 

This is a piece we would add to our collection. 

At the time of this articles, the LEGO Ideas project had 1,644 supporters with 599 days left. Make sure to head over and show your support.

Would you consider picking up the Steampunk Explorers LEGO Ideas project if it is produced?

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