LEGO Ideas: Steamtown


Some LEGO Idea projects are good but every so often, we come across one like Steamtown where they knock it out of the park.

The Steamtown project easily caught our attention on the LEGO Ideas page thanks to the amazing detail put in by developer penpen2012.

In terms of detail, this project is right up there with some of the ones we have seen in the past like I Am Your Father and Addams Family Mansion.

The idea behind the project was to create an environment based around the Steamtown concept. You have a multi layer building with an airport, shops, and train station.  There are plenty of items to create in this build including a train, a blimp,  and some bikes.

Here are a few additional images of the LEGO Ideas project.

SteamtownSteamtownSteamtownWe would definitely consider picking the project up if it reached production. The only drawback might be the size of it which would increase the cost.

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