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LEGO Ideas: TaleSpin Seaduck Meeting Seagull

TaleSpin Seaduck Meeting Seagull LEGO Ideas project by Creator Delusion Brick is the perfect example where you sometimes need a longer look.

We enjoy checking out LEGO Ideas projected based around television shows. But to be fair, the Shark sold us on it.

The project will contain around 2,975 bricks.

The set is based on one adventure where the Seal Gull teams up with the SeaDuck before they are attacked by Air Pirates.

Through a severe storm, the plane crash landed onto an unmapped island.

In order to survive, the crew uses parts from the cargo in order to make tools: harpoons, fishing rods and accessories, including a raft, a fire signal on the edge of the rock and an SOS message on the sand, so they can survive while exploring the island.

In addition, the following minifigures will be part of it.

Baloo von Bruinwald XIII (Pilot of Higher for Hire)

Kit Cloudkicker (Sky-flyer, & Navigator)

Rebecca Cunningham (Businesswoman & owner of Higher for Hire)

Wildcat (Mechanic in Higher for Hire) 


At first glance, we liked the feel of the LEGO Ideas project but were not sold on it. It changed the longer we took a look at it.

What felt like a flat piece showed there was more depth with the different parts added throughout. We love the detail you can find throughout the island just by taking a look around.

The only downside might be any lack of knowledge of the series. Of course that could be easily changed by checking it out. It is definitely worth your time.

At the time of this article, the project has 1,508 supporters with 601 days left. Make sure to head over and show your support.

What do you think of the LEGO Ideas: Talespin Seaduck Meeting Seagull?

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