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LEGO Ideas: The Art Center

The Art Center

Without art, we have nothing.

Creator Lepralego developed the LEGO Ideas project, The Art Center, to help bring art into our lives an help enrich it.

Everything in life is subjective, including the LEGO world. While it is fun to build some of our famous pop culture movements, projects like this or the Japanese Tea Garden can be thoroughly enjoying. 

Welcome to The Art Centre, a unique space for contemporary arts, music, dance and also a celebration of creativity.

This renovated industrial-style building has a gallery space on the ground floor, a music academy on the first floor, and a painting academy and photography studio on the second floor. The rooftop is perfect to hold events and you can access it all thanks to the working glass elevator. The set will include 2,820 pieces with 7 mini-figures. 

At first glance, we were not going to enjoy how it was set up, but we like what the creator did. Instead of making the building split in two pieces, you can work in from behind. This was a genius part on the creator because it still maintains the feel of a downtown building.

There is enough detail in the set to help give it a unique charm and to make it an eye catcher for use. 

The added bonus for us, outside the seven mini-figures, is the working glass elevator. 

At the time of this article, the project has 2,846 supporters with 580 days to reach the 10,000 supporter mark. 

Let us know what you think of The Art Center project.

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