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LEGO Ideas: The Elf Movie

Thinking of Christmas year round.

The Elf Movie LEGO Ideas project was created by Johnathan1986 and shares their love for the movie tied to their holiday cheer.

We have covered other LEGO Ideas projects based on the holiday, but thought this one was needed based on the sizeable fan base.

The set is made of 2624 pieces and has 4 room location areas that can be connected by hinges into an order you like, or kept as separate rooms detached with one outside based area also with details and characters that can be placed freely outside. There are also 2 scene areas Walter Hobbs office and Hobs family eating area.

Their main goal with the set was allow the playability to recreate scenes from the movie with plenty of space and functionality


You would think the Elf Movie might not lend itself to a LEGO set, but the creator did an interesting job with developing it.

By creating the individual room, they give owners the chance to recreate different scenes from the movie but also allow for it to tell a story. Also, we absolutely love the number of mini-figures created for this set. This is a definite strength of the set.

We think this is the perfect LEGO set for a fan of the movie and would fit right in during the holiday season.

Make sure to head over to the LEGO ideas page to show your support. At the time of this article, there were 5,907 supports with 513 days left.

What do you think of the The Elf Movie LEGO Ideas project?

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