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LEGO Ideas: The Elf Witch Cottage

Elf Witch Cottage

Our favorite time of the year inspired us to search LEGO Ideas for a related project.

We stumbled across this Elf Witch Cottage by LEGO Ideas user Vedosololego and were enchanted by what they created.

We have covered similar projects in the past, like the Observatory and the Magic Shop, but this one fell more outside the box.

The set will center around an Elf Witch who has remained hidden in the forest for who knows how long.

It will contain approximately 2,000 pieces and will feature a highly detailed environment, which includes a bubbling kettle for the Elf Witch to create her potions.

Here are a few more images of the Elf Witch Cottage Project.

Overall, we enjoy the feel of this LEGO Ideas project. The first thing that stood out to us what how well the colors played off each other and gave life to the set.

We think this set would be perfect in a medieval or fantasy setup.  Th e only downside we see is the lack of ability to play inside the cottage.

At the time of this article, the Elf Witch Cottage project has 911 supporters with 223 days left.

If you enjoy this project like we do, make sure to head over to their page and show your support.

Would you consider picking up the LEGO Ideas Elf Witch Cottage set if it was in stores?

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