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LEGO Ideas: The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion

One of our favorite Disney World attraction is given the LEGO treatment.

Creator GoodOlPrice crafted the LEGO Ideas Project, The Haunted Mansion, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic creation.

We have taken looks at other Disney projects in the past, like Disneyland and Steamboat Willie. This time around

The LEGO set would consist of 2,900 pieces and have the following features.

  • Front Gate
  • Foyer and Gallery with stretching portraits
  • Endless Corridor
  • Madame Leota‚Äôs Seance Room
  • Ballroom and Conservatory
  • Attic

In addition, the set will have the 8 mini-figures. Constance Hatchaway, Phineas, Ezra, Gus, The Organist, Butler, Maid, The Hatbox Ghost.

Here are some more images of the The Haunted Mansion project.

Overall we love the feel of this project.

The addition of the multiple mini-figures is the icing on the cake. If they would sell them separately, they would be sure to fly off the shelves.

The only thing we thought was missing is some kind of setup to memorable room where you get to see what really happened to some people who had passed away.

If you are a fan of this LEGO Ideas project, make sure to head over to the page and give it a like. As it stands, the project has 7,708 supporters with 745 days left.

Let us know what you think of the LEGO Ideas The Haunted Mansion project.

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