LEGO Ideas: The Jack Skellington House

Jack Skellington House

Bring the house of Jack Skellington to

Creator AsheWonka84 has started to put us in the holiday spirit with their LEGO Ideas project, the Jack Skellington House.

The build will contain roughly 1,724 pieces and will feature the oddly shaped house of Jack Skellington. The iconic house is going to feature the laboratory, bedroom, and graveyard for you to interact with.

The plan is to include the following mini=figures in the set.

  • Jack Skellington
  • Mr. Oogie Boogie
  • Sally


Here are a few more images of the LEGO Ideas project Jack Skellington House.

LEGO Ideas The Jack Skellington House 2

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We have already shared our support for this LEGO Ideas project. Currently it sits at 495 supporters with 392 days left.

Would you consider picking up this Jack Skellington House if LEGO put it on the shelf?

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