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LEGO Ideas: The Mecha Townhouse

Mecha Townhouse

Just when we thought we saw every kind of mecha robot on LEGO Ideas.

This time on LEGO Ideas we stumbled across the Mecha Townhouse created by hiddenderek which shows how something normal can be unique.

We have always been a fan of kaiju and large mecha figures.There is something about the sheer size an destructive powers of them.

On the LEGO Ideas site, we have seen larger robot figures in the past, like the Iron Giant or the Power Rangers Megazord, but what we have here is truly unique.

The creator made a fully transformable townhouse which will feature a cockpit, two arms abd two legs which fully supports the weight of the figure.

The project is set to have around 1,600 pieces and be the perfect addition to hide in your LEGO modular city.

Here are a few more images of the LEGO Ideas project, the Mecha Townhouse.


Overall, we do love the look of the project. At first glance we thought the project was already set up in mech form. Then we realized you are able to convert it from the townhouse to a mech form. That alone makes this LEGO Ideas project impressive.

We do like the aesthetics of the project and how unassuming it in in townhouse form.

At the time of this article, the project has 551 supporters with 292 days left.  So if you like the project, make sure to go show you support like we did.

Let us know what you think of the LEGO Ideas The Mecha Townhouse project.

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