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LEGO Ideas: The Moon Earth’s Companion

LEGO Art Posters Are Worth It

The LEGO Ideas project, The Moon Earth’s Companion, by creator SharkyBricks reminds us just how creative we can be with the iconic bricks.

We have always enjoyed searching out for the LEGO Ides projects that buck the trends., This one fit the bill perfectly.

This 2360-piece Lego Art space poster “The Moon: Earth’s Companion”, celebrates the beauty and mystery of the Moon. At its center is a highly detailed, brick-built Moon, complete with unique craters and terrain features that showcase the Moon’s striking geology.

The poster also includes the phases of the Moon, representing how it appears from Earth, and a brick-built panorama depicting Earth rising over the lunar landscape, showcasing our planet’s fragile beauty as seen from the Moon’s surface.

Hands down, this is a project that we love every bit of what we see. From how it was created to the use of the project. The subject is something that can appeal to all ages.

We do enjoy the phases of the moon being shown at the bottom. While it would be difficult, we would love if the full size moon could be modified to show it.

However that is a personal preference and not a knock on it.

If this LEGO Project is able to meet the magical mark of 10,000 supporters and is approved by LEGO, we would consider picking it up.

At the time of this article, the project has 7,353 supports with 757 days left.

Would you consider picking up the The Moon Earth’s Companion project if it was approved by LEGO?

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