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LEGO Ideas: The Ocean House

The Ocean House

While it is not a house boat, it is the next best thing. 

Creator Hanwasyellowfirst created the LEGO Ideas project, The Ocean House, and we have to say this is a place we would love to visit.

We are fans of architecture and ocean related projects. We felt this project was the best of both worlds. 

This LEGO ideas project will contain 1,800 pieces along with 3 mini-figures and a cat. There are a few aspects that grabbed our attention.

The removable remove may seem standard with some project, we think the designer made sure ii gives you complete access. While having the boat was an obvious choice, the addition of the crank gives it an added feature. 

Here are some images of the LEGO Ideas project.

This is a LEGO ideas project we can get behind. 

The overall aesthetics of the project is visually appealing. The creator did an excellent job of putting color throughout the design to give it life. On top of it, there layout is ideal to create various scenes with your mini-figures.  At this time, we don’t see an area where it is lacking.

Even though the set is limited to where you could use it, we do think it is perfect by itself.

Sure the residents might be in trouble if a shark wandered by, but we think they could imagine. At the time of this articles, the LEGO Ideas project had 6,316 supporters with 742 days left. Make sure to go and show your support. 

What do you think of the The Ocean House LEGO Ideas project?

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