LEGO Ideas: Up Paradise Falls

LEGO Ideas UP Paradise Falls

Micro sets are growing in popularity on LEGO Ideas.

The most recent example is Up Paradise Falls set created by markfaving1893 featuring an memorable piece from the animated film.

This set reminded us of a previous microscale set, Disneyland, which is why we were curious about it.

The project features Mr. Fredrickson’s house at the main location, Paradise Fall. This is where the house landed after being carried away by balloons.

There are two rock formations which make up Paradise Falls, a waterfall, and various foliage. The set will also two micro figures, Mr. Fredrickson and Rusell.

Here are a few more images of the LEGO Ideas Up Paradise Falls project.


On the surface, it does not look like much, but the more time you spend examining it you will find yourself brought back into the movie. We see the set more as a way to remember how the movie made you feel rather than enact it.

At the time of this article, the project has 482 supporters with 323 days left. 

What do you think of the Ideas project, Up Paradise Falls?

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