LEGO Ideas: Voltron Defender of the Universe Set

LEGO Voltron Set

A recent discovery on LEGO Ideas has us longing for the 1980’s as we are treated to a Voltron Defender of the Universe set and all we can say is wow.

The creator, Len_d69, has done an amazing job of creating the set, from creating the five individual lions to the robot transformation.

Right off the bat, we have to see the creator did an amazing job of staying close the source material from the 1980’s and not the re-imaged version from a few years back.

We are thoroughly impressed with what was done with each of the lion forms and the combined robot form.

The Voltron Defenders of the Universe set would include the following.

The Black Lion, which forms the head and body of Voltron.

The Red/Green Lions, which forms the arms of Voltron.

The Blue/Yellow Lions, which form the legs of Voltron.

Currently this LEGO Ideas project has 2,934 supporters and has 536 days left to reach the elusive mark.

If you are unsure about supporting this, take a gander at some of the pictures below.

LEGO Voltron Set


So if you like the LEGO Ideas Voltron set, make sure to go give it some support.

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