LEGO ideas: Willow Battle of Tir Asleen

Willow Battle of Tir Asleen

Journey to the far corners of your imagination.

The LEGO ideas project Willow Battle of Tir Asleen was created by Montymatte and brings us back to the battle scene of castle Tir Asleen.

We have enjoyed the recent return from movies released in the 1980’s, like Labyrinth, so this one was right up our alley.  

Overall, this LEGO ideas project consists of 2,900 bricks and is set up into four parts.

  • Castle with Main Gate
  • Left Tower with prison and armoury
  • Right tower with weapons room
  • Tree

The creator set up various action pieces to enhance your experience. This includes things like being able to separate the sections, hidden entrances, barrel defense, crossbow ambush, and spider attack.

We loved the attention to detail by Montymattee on this project.  The wall sections are given enough of an appearance to show a weathered castle with over grown foliage. 

Also the way the sections were created gives a lot of flexibility when it comes to the layout. An added bonus is the number of mini-figures to keep the scene active and adaptable.

At the time of this article, the project has 4,547 supporters. There are 479 days left to reach the 10,o00 mark. Make sure to click on the link above to show your support.

Would you pick up the Willow Battle of Tir Asleen LEGO Ideas project?

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