Lego Minecraft Creation: Ender Dragon

Power Boy has been busy with his Lego creations and has decided to follow up his Wither King creation with the Ender Dragon from Minecraft.

Yes, the Ender Dragon who terrorizes you in Minecraft has been created out of Lego Hero Factory parts.

There are some difference between the Ender Dragons though.

This one has been the life long pet of the Wither King, who sent him out to attack the town, Brickberry.

During the battle, Ender Dragon lost his wings when they were scorched by fire. Also the flames caused various pieces of armor to fuse to his skin, creating an almost cyber dragon.

Thanks to the heavy armor plating, the Ender Dragon does more physical damage by flying through things. In order to keep up its high energy level, it drinks lava.

What else do you think Power Boy should create from the Minecraft universe?


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