Lego Mixel Creation: Crab Walker MK-1

Lego Mixel Creation

We have built Mixels in the past but this time around somone wanted to make their own unique Lego Mixel creation. It is time to introduce you to Crab Walker MK-1.

This Lego Mixel creation was a combination of two Mixels, Nurp-Naut & Wizwuz.

The end result is mech suit Crab Walker MK-1 for the Crashers world. The mech suit is being controlled by Shadowgun.

When in control of this Lego Mixel creation, Shadowgun has several powers in his hands.

– Plasma Sword (Which is capable of cutting through any material and gives the mech suit an extended reach)

– Diamond Claw (Not only is this claw useful when trying to get to higher places, it can be used in self-defense).

– Crab Walker Legs (The legs help the mech suit climb steep or slippery surfaces).

– Hovermode (If the Crab Walker legs become inoperable, the mech suit can disengage and break free into a hovermode).

We are looking forward to pick up some more sets and make another Lego Mixel creation we can come up for our new culture.


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