Lego Ninjago Returning with Droids

Ninjago Hover Hunter

Thanks to the information from The Brick Fan, Power Boy and I found out some more information about the new Lego Ninjago series involving Nindroids.

Ninjago Mechdragon

From the looks of it, even if you were not a big fan of Ninjago before, this newer version should win you over. How could you go wrong with a combination of Ninjas and Droids? This is the perfect followup and looks to be a promising set.
What really caught our eye was the Mechdragon set. While the dragon is definitely cool, we were caught off guard by two of the characters included in the set, Sensei Garmadon and Evil Wu.

We are curious to see how this is going to transpire considering the characters will be complete opposites of what they were in the previous series.

Let’s hope Lego keeps up and brings the Ninjago series back to the television.

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