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LEGO Worlds Coming to Console in 2017

LEGO Worlds

LEGO fans received some goods news that they will get a chance to explore an open world made up of LEGO built environments.


If anyone has played the popular Marvel or Star Wars LEGO games, you are going to be thrilled with the upcoming LEGO Worlds video game.

LEGO Worlds is going to up the stakes in their video game library by allowing players to be a Master Builder and immerse themselves in a LEGO world.

LEGO fans have been able to play this game on Early Access at Steam, along with providing useful information to improve the game.

In the upcoming game, players are going to be able to uncover hidden treasures in a variety of environments filled with all kinds of vehicles and creatures. You will embark on a quest to become a Master Builder. In the process, you can help other characters along the way by completing quests. Perhaps you build a home for a caveman or protect a farm from a zombie invasion.

The biggest attraction for us is being able to use LEGO bricks to create any structure you can imagine, even shaping or coloring the landscape.

The one downside we might see is DLC, especially if they are going to cost extra money. They have already announced the release of LEGO Agents DLC which will feature new characters, vehicles, etc. This could be a money grab, especially if they add the DLCs on a regular occurence.

The game is set to launch on February 17, 2017.

Do you have any interest in picking up LEGO Worlds for your console?

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