Let Cthulhu Dice Game Drive You Mad

Cthulhu Dice Game

Why wait until Cthulhu is running for President in 2020 when you can play this game now.

Steve Jackson Games has created what looks like to be an absolute blast of a game with Cthulhu Dice Game that will have you coming back for more.

We have talked about other dice related games, Batman or Civil War, in the past but this one is a bit different.

This time you are tasked with destroying the sanity of the other players

The game is meant for 2 to 6 players and has an average play time of 10 – 15 minutes.

When you pick up Cthulhu Dice game, you will get the following.

  • Custom 12 sided Die consisting of tentacles & Elder Signs
  • 18 glass Sanity marbles
  • Rules

The game is simple.  You lose all of your marbles and you go mad. The last cultist with a sanity marble wins. Unless of course everyone loses their marbles and Cthulhu wins.

Sure this game simple and quick but sometimes those are the best ones. You can pick this up through Steve Jackson Games for $6.95 and it will be available Jan 2018.

Let us know if you are going to give Cthulhu Dice game a chance or pass on it.

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