Living Dead Doll Pennywise Reminds Us Everything Floats

Living Dead Doll Pennywise

Stephen King fans are not sure how the new It movie will turn out, but there is no denying what Mezco did with Pennywise.

The good people of Derry were terrorized by this being over the years and now you can bring It home with Mezco’s Living Dead Doll Pennywise.

Mezco has impressed us in the past with previous released Trick R Treat Sam and Old Man Logan. These positive impressions carried on with this newest Living Dead Doll.

This Pennywise collectible is going to stand 10 inches tall and will have 5 points of articulation. As an added bonus, the collectible comes with his trademark red balloon.

Here are a few more images of this Living Dead Doll Pennywise.

You can pre-order this Pennywise figure for $46.00 and expect it to be released January 2018.

 Let us know what you think of this Living Dead Doll Pennywise.

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