Lootcrate Offering Aliens 30th Anniversary Crate

Aliens 30th Anniversary Crate

No better way to celebrate the movie than with an exclusive crate.

Lootcrate is looking to celebrate this special moment by offering the Aliens 30th anniversary crate.

We have seen other special Lootcrates in the past and it made sense we would see something soon, especially with Aliens Day coming by the end of the month.

The crate is going to contain 5 exclusive items.


  • T-Shirt that would make Hudson proud
  • Spectacular art ready to burst off your walls
  • Collectibles you’ll never want to let go of
  • Chilling comics wrapped in a special hardcover
  • Fearsome figure that really stands out

You can pick up this one-time exclusive crate for $55.

While the price is not too bad, we would like a better idea of what we might get rather that was they elude to above. Perhaps more information will be leaked once it is official.

Anyone who is interested, head to Lootcrate to sign up for the email newsletter when it will be released.

Would you consider grabbing the Aliens 30th Anniversary Crate?

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