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Lost City Part 2 Coming Soon for Plants Vs. Zombies 2

Though we are enjoying the fun of the new Lost City Part 1 world for PvZ 2, we wanted to share with you our thoughts on what we heard is coming for Lost City Part 2.

We found some interesting information on the concept section at Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Wiki and wanted to share our thoughts.

Possible Plants

Gold Leaf We are curious to see this in action.We know it will create gold tiles in Lost City Part 2, but where will they end up? Will it be on the same time the Gold Leaf is located or can you choose the tile? What happens if you dig them up?

Stallia We like the ability to be able to stun zombies but we are curious on how the mechanics will work?

Possible Zombies

Relic Hunter Zombie This one should look pretty cool and bet he will have a mustache and maybe a whip? Maybe he will be able to swing over a tile or two?

Imp Porter What would an PvZ 2 update be without an Imp. We are not sure if he will be like a Chicken Zombie or might we get the chance to see him carry the Gargantuar.

Turquoise Skull Zombie Otherwise known as the Crystal Skull Zombie, should be an interesting zombie and might have the best over all look of the new zombies.

Zombot Aerostatic Gondola Going by the codename Zomboss Sandbag, we will be given the chance to take the boss down. Based on the name, we think this is going to be some kind of flying boat boss. Hopefully there will be some unqiue strategies to take down Zomboss.

What do you think of the upcoming Lost City Part 2 plants and zombies?

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