Make Sure Friends Are Boo-ed This Halloween

For the last few years, friends of our started a new tradition for Halloween and wanted to let you know there is nothing better than being Boo-ed.

Our neighbor started this when Power Boy was in third grade and it is something we have enjoyed doing every year.

What happens is you put together a Halloween basket of sorts, like maybe one of those cheap pumpkins you can pick up for less than a dollar.  Then you fill it will all kinds of things.

You don’t need to go crazy and spends crazy amounts of money on creating the basket or bag of goodies. They could be simple things, just as long as the theme is Halloween. I think we manage to spend maybe $5-8 on a few baskets.

The next part is where the fun comes in. The goal is to sneak up to the person’s house, drop off the basket. You ring the doorbell then run lick the dickens so no one sees you.

Besides being fun to do, it is contagious and you end up seeing more and more houses being boo-ed each year.

Spread some of the Halloween fun and make sure your friends are Boo-ed.

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