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Maneater Review: Chomping It’s Way into Our Heart

Maneater Review

This game may make some people to stay out of the water.

If you were looking for a unique game to try out this summer, our Maneater review might steer you in the right direction. 

The developer, Tripwire, caught our attention with their trailer along with the behind the scenes of the motion capture actors. Besides there are sharks in it.

In Maneater, you take on the role as a shark. You work your way through the ocean to become the Apex predator. Along the way, you will find all kinds of animals and people to test your teeth again. 

Bosses like hunters or even ancient Sperm Whales, will stand in your path to becoming the shark we all know you can be.

There are a few things we love about the game. 

The tutorial was created in a way to get you excited to be a shark. You learn how to chomp and breach along with chasing down a human lunch or ten. The only downside to the tutorial is how it ended.This starts our story line with Scaly Pete. 

We were concerned with the swimming mechanics of the game but found the developers did a good job. You don’t get stuck on ground obstacles and are able to swim your way through the various environments. 

Speaking of which, we love the look and feel of the environments. They developers did a great job of making it immersive. 

The story line may not be Oscar worthy, but it is fun to see your shark grow up from a pup into a megashark, king of the ocean. The upgrades you earn along the way are an added bonus to twist things up a little. 

But there are a few negatives with the game. One of the harder things was to deal with was the AI, especially of the aggressive kind. It did not take much to figure out the attack pattern or even how to bypass the fight completely. 

Also the quests can feel limited at times, but guess that can be expected considering we are playing a shark. The playability may be limited the further you get along considering the open world feel is meh at best. 

In the end, this is game for people who are looking for something different. It is not perfect by any means, but there is enough entertainment here to kill some time.

If you had a chance to play the game, feel free to share your own Maneater Review with us.

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