March 2022 Bootleg Toys

Bootleg Action Figures

Time to venture back into the 1980’s.

The March 2022 Bootleg Toys focus on some of the franchises from my childhood in the most glorious of ways. 

The more we looked at them, the more we felt they were a step up above the February Bootleg toys.

This time around the Bootleg Toys focus on the following franchises.

  • Diehard
  • Rambo
  • Godzilla
  • Robocop


To be fair, the Diehard figure is head and shoulders above the rest. The company is actually trying to give fans figures of what they want.

In terms of the worst bootleg toy, it would have to be Adventure man and the surprised look.

Let us know which are your favorite March 2022 Bootleg Toys.

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