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Marvel Characters We Want On the Big Screen

Marvel Characters

Let’s face it, the Marvel Universe is full of heroes and villains of all shapes and sizes that you can spend days sorting through.

We decided to sit down with this amazing rosters and select the Marvel characters we would love to see get some time on the big screen.

For this daunting task, we decided to take a look at heroes and villains from the universe. We looked at various things, like their background and abilities to name a few.

It took some time, but we were able to narrow it down to a handful of names.

Here are the Marvel characters at the top of our list.


This Symbiote takes what Venom did and amped him up with the psychosis of the Joker. If the studios did him justice, he would be the most vicious villain Spider-man faces. If you did not previously see our thoughts on Carnage, make sure to check it out.



It is not always about being the strongest or the fastest. Mysterio is the perfect villains in a universe filled with physical specimens.  This former stuntman showed what one can do with a few special effects.


Marvel CharactersMoon Knight

The avatar for the Eqgyptian Gods, Moon Knight uses the power of the statue of Khonshu. The silver cloaked crime fighter took on the Committee and other villains over the years. While some say he is similar to the Dark Knight, he does bring a uniqueness to the character and would excel on the big screen.


Marvel CharactersTaskmaster

Some say he is a super villain, while others would call him a antihero. Either way, the Taskmaster is no one to mess around with thanks his ability to learn from his opponents.. The mercenary for hire would provide countless story-lines depending which way the Marvel creative team would go.


Which Marvel characters would you want to see get some time on the big screen?


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