Marvel Legends Black Panther Series Is Okay

Black Panther Movie

Marvel looks to expand their action figure line with the newest one based on the Black Panther.

The company has continued their Build-a-Figure line with the upcoming release of Marvel Legends Black Panther figures.

The upcoming Black Panther movie has the chance to create more hype than Thor Ragnarok and is going to be our must see movies of 2018. We were curious to see what they came up with

The following characters are going to be a part of the Marvel Legends Black Panther figures set.

  • Black Panther

    • Alternate head / Alternate hands  / Okoye head
  • Erik Killmonger
    • Spear weapon / Cleaver weapon / Alternate hands / Okoye leg
  • Nakia
    • Spear (With alternate head) / 2 Ring weapons / Okoye body
  • Black Bolt
    • Alternate head / Okoye leg
  • Iron Man
    • Alternate hands / Alternate head  / Blast effects
  • Sub-Mariner
    • Trident / Alternate head Alternate hands / Okoye arms
  • Okoye Build-A-Figure
    • Spear

Here are a few images of the Marvel Legends Black Panther figures.


The biggest problem we see with these figures are the extra characters they put into the set to make it completed the BAF requirements. The addition of Namor has us confused, partially because of the lack of tie-in from the movie aspect.

Also while we do like Iron Man, it has come to a point where we are constantly seeing him added to every set. Yes, he is a popular character but there are only so many figures we can handle.

You can expect to see these figures on the shelves by the end of 2017.

What do you think of the Marvel Legends Black Panther figures?

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