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Marvel Legends Black Widow Figures Are Important

Marvel Legends

Black Widow figures have the chance to create truly something special.

The reason is because we had the chance to check out the Marvel Legends Black Widow figures fans will be seeing before the movie release.

Some Legend sets have been good, like Spider-man Far From Home then there have been ones, Black Panther, could have been better. 

The movie has the chance to be important for female heroes, but so do the figures. This is why we felt the need to check them out.

The following characters will be a part of the Marvel Legends set.

  • Black Widow – E8767
  • Yelena – E8769
  • Red Guardian – E8773
  • Taskmaster – E8768
  • Winter Soldier – E8770
  • Spy Master – E8771
  • Crossbones – E8772
  • Crimson Dynamo Build a Figure

Here are some images of the figures.

The more we examined this set, the more we were sold on this set. Hands down it is one of the best Marvel Legends collection in recent years.

Why? Because of the job they did creating the figures along with making the right selections. In the past we have seen Marvel Legends collections suffer from horrible choice. Not this time.

If we picked on one thing, it could be the addition of Crossbones. Some people may not see the need for him. The addition of the Crimson Dynamo is the the best BAF choice.

These figures will be sought after by collectors and casual fans. You can expect to see them on the shelves by April 2020.

What do you think of these Marvel Legends Black Widow figures?

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