Marvel Legends Captain America Stealth Shield Might Have a Place

Marvel Legends

Hasbro continued to branch out with more Marvel Props.

The Marvel Legends Captain America Stealth Shield offers a unique take for those Captain America fans who want something different.

When it comes to Marvel Legends, we tend to focus on the action figures, but this time we decided to take a look at their recent release.

The shield features a highly detailed 1:1 full-scale Captain America collector shield is designed to replicate the look of the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This fully-licensed roleplay item from Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Series: The Infinity Saga collection measures 24-inches across. The premium blue and white collector shield features adjustable straps to allow users to wear the shield like Captain America does when entering the fight for justice.


Marvel Legends Captain America Stealth Shield 1


We love how they designed the straps on the back of the shield. They appear sturdy enough to lock in your forearm and make it less stressful to carry.

The color scheme catches our attention but it brings up more questions than had it been the original colors. 

While we are a fan of Cap, this is one we would pass of. It might be different if he was number one in the household.

The MSRP for Captain America’s Shield is $119.99 and you can expect to see it Summer 2021. 

Would you consider picking up the Captain America Stealth Shield?

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