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Marvel Phase Four May Have Issues

Marvel Phase 4

There could be trouble on the horizon.

The upcoming Marvel Phase Four is starting to pick up steam but that does not mean it won’t encounter any problems.

We previously touched on the point where Phase Four could continue where it left off. Not we wanted to explore whether things will turn out to be the same as the first three phases

There are a few things that have us concern with the upcoming slate of Marvel movies.

1. Lack of Connection

Sure the story was impressive over the range of MCU movies, but what brought in casual fans is it made them care for the character. Whether it was the rise and fall of Thor (One of the best arcs) to seeing how Captain America and Iron Man would achieve their goals. 

Fans grew attached to the characters. The new ones coming in Phase Four may not have that luxury.

2. Been There Done That

Comic fans know there are difference, but the casual fan doesn’t. They could look at the Eternals and see the same things as the Inhumans.  If the next phase is going to succeed, they need to make sure to create engaging story arcs that feature a different path.

3. Multiverse Can Not Be the Only Saving Piece

Watching the three Spider-man join forces was something special. The problem is that they can only go to this well so many times. Doctor Strange 2 Into the Multiverse will help bridge the gap to bring mutants into the MCU. But if this becomes a commonality along the MCU movies, the impact will lessen.

Do you think Marvel Phase Four will avoid any possible pitfalls?

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