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Marvel Realm of Champions Has Playability

There is something about Marvel and mobile games.

Marvel Realm of Champions by Kabam brings us into an interesting Marvel Universe set on a 3 v 3 MOBAs.

We have tried similar games in the past, like Marvel Strike Force, but was curious to see how this one was different.

The game is inspired by Marvel’s Secret Wars and takes you into a world where there is the Iron Legionairre, Web Warrior, and more.

The creators did a good job allowing us to create a custom look for our heroes. There is a variety of gear out there and you can tweak it to give your character a different look. We were pushing for the voodoo Socercer Supreme. 

The games are quick and can be a bit interesting depending on your opponents. We do like how other real life players are included in arena. The controls are responsive and the abilities for your characters help give them a unique feel.

The biggest hold back we see is the lack of individuality offered to the players who do not want to open their pockets. If they expand the roster and world, there is a chance this game can continue to grow.

In the end, this is a game you should try out. It may not be something you stick with for an extended period of time, but it will give you some interesting moments. 

Have you had the chance to try out Marvel Realm of Champions?

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