Marvel Thor Odinson ARTFX Premier Is a Must Have

Marvel Thor Odinson ARTFX

The Thunder God is being given the ARTFX Premier treatment by Kotobukiya.

Kotobukiya is adding to their collectible lineup with Marvel Thor Odinson ARTFX Premier statue and we are on the fence with it.

In the past, they have put out some impressive Iron-man and Captain Marvel collectibles.

The ARTFX statue will stand 1/10th scale and is being based on Thor Odinson from Marvel’s Avengers Fresh Start series.

Here are a few images of the Marvel Thor Odinson ARTFX statue.

When we first starting looking into this, we had some concerns on how it may come out. Are worries were erased when we took one look at it.

Kotobukiya chose the right post for the Thunder God with him raising Mjolnir. The only thing we wished would be there was more expression in Thor’s face as he calls down his power.

This is the perfect Marvel collectible for any fan of Thor.

If you want to pre-order this from Kotobukiya, you can own it for $149.99 ad expect to see this July / August 2019.

Let us know if you would consider picking up the Marvel Thor Odinson ARTFX Premier statue.

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