Marvel Ultimate Spider-man ARTFX from Kotobukiya Is a Must Have

Marvel Ultimate Spiderman Artfx

Miles Morales has shown he is a capable Spider-man and the creators at Kotobukiya agree.

The company who has created other ARTFX lines like the X-Men has continued their development of this Marvel line with the Ultimate Spider-man ARTFX.

We were already head over heels for the Amazing Spider-man ARTFX and Kotobukiya keeps delivering with their newest creation

The second edition to the Spider-man Universe line of Miles Morales as Ultimate Spider-man captures the essence of the character from the pages of the comic.

The statue stands 13 inches tall and is 1/10 scale. Though it s slightly similar to the first creation, we love the pose of the figure, crouching down and preparing to shoot his web.

Here are a few different images for the Ultimate Spider-man from Kotobukiya.


Ultimate Spider-man ARTFX 2Ultimate Spider-man ARTFX 3








If you are interested in picking up this slick model, you can head over to Koto and pre-order it for $54.99.

Keep an eye out for the next installment in this line as it will be Spider Gwen.

What do you think of the Ultimate Spider-man ARTFX and the Spidey line being put out by Kotobukiya.?


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