Old school Thor has a certain attraction for a collection.

We caught a glimpse of the Marvel Universe Thor the Bronze Age ARTFX statue by Kotobukiya and we have to say it looks the part.

Kotobukiya has done a decent job with the character in the past, like this Thor Odinson Statue. 

From the Avengers comes the god of thunder, Thor to kick off a new chapter of MARVEL ARTFX statues. This collection returns to styling from the 90s and 2000s, which is delicately sculpted using modern 3D sculpting technology.

The painted shadows feature bold color choices that add a contemporary art-inspired look, perfect for the start of a new collection.


This is a solid entry and brings out what makes Thor impressive. From the well-defined muscles to the winged helm.  The ARTFX statue is 1:6 scale and appears to be the perfect start to the new line.

If you want to pick the statue from Kotobukiya, it will cost around $189.99 and will be released January 2023.

Would you consider picking up the Marvel Universe Marvel Thor The Bronze Age ARTFX Statue to add to your collectible?




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