Marvel Villain Origin Movies We Need Made

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Are there Marvel villains who can have the same treatment as the Clown Prince?

After the immense success of the Joker movie, we were left wondering what Marvel villain origin movies we would love to see made.

Now we are not talking the standard origins movie, rather one that goes in-depth as to the creation of the character. We do not expect it to reach the same level as the Joker, but there are a few from the Marvel world who came to mind.

Here are the Marvel villain origin movies we would love to see made.

Doctor Doom

Though we have not had a decent one on the big screen, we think Doctor Doom would make an absolute great origins movie. It would be fascinating to see how the promising life of Viktor would be changed over the course of time until Doctor Doom emerges.


People were given a decent look into the character can do on the small screen. The amazing performance by Vincent D’Onofrio truly brought the character to life. The problem is that there is so much more. An origins movie would be able to do the Kingpin justice and make an impact in the MCU.

Sinister Six

This can be considered cheating but who cares. We have been championing for some time. It would be a unique story telling chance to see the villains band together over their common enemy, Spider-man. We could see them failing on their own and the struggles they deal with before combining their forces.


If you did not like our suggestion above, then we will be able to sell you on this. He may not be the first Spider-man villain to come to mind, but he has been in some pivotal lines and brings along a heavy backstory. But also how it all ends for him.

There you have it, Four Marvel villains who we would love to see an in-depth origins movie on.

Are there any Marvel villain origin movies you want to see on the big screen?

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