Marvel vs Capcom Pop Figures Bring Two Worlds Together

Marvel vs Capcom Pop Figures

The new fighting game, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is releasing this week and Funko is giving fans more to cheer about.

The collectible company is releasing Marvel vs Capcom Pop figures to help celebrate the newest fighting game to hit the market.

When we had our first look at this game, we were excited to check it out since we are a fan of both universes.

The game is going to center around the heroes as they work to defeat the plans of Ultron Sigma.

The two pack sets are going to contain the following figure pairings.

  • Captain Marvel and Chun-Li
  • Rocket Racoon and Mega Man
  • Gamora and Strider
  • Ultron and Sigma

In addition to these four sets, there are numerous variants.

  • Rocket Racoon and Mega Man **Gamestop Exclusive
  • Gamora and Strider ** FYE Exclusive
  • Ultron and Sigma ** Toys’r’us Exclusive
  • Captain Marvel and Chun-Li ** Hot Topic Exclusive

Here are some images for the rest of the Marvel vs Capcom Pop Figures.


We do like the look of these figures in their original forms. The downside we see is why are there so many color variants. We think they would have been better off limiting the number of color variants and give us more characters.

We still have high hopes for the game finding some success like Injustice 2 but we are not sure the Pop figures will be must haves.

Let us know what you think of these Marvel vs Capcom Pop Figures.

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